Monday, October 12, 2009

Senor Pollo

10-12 Senor Pollo
A bit chilly for a long walk but it's Columbus Day so we went exploring. Actually no, we went specifically to Senor Pollo in the East Village because of Kathy's review. Oh and also because we are completely incapable of resisting potato salad. What heavenly delight! We shared a 1/2 chicken with spanish potato salad and yellow rice for $10.62. As Kathy says, it's an awesome deal and the skin was just right, tasty and flavorful. It reminds us wholeheartedly of a pared-down, fast food style, version of Pio-Pio. Which is a-ok with us.
Senor Pollo, 221 First Ave., NY, NY 10003 (btwn 13th and 14th)


Kathy YL Chan said...

Sweet! And perfect chilly weather food :) Thanks for the shout-out! ^_^

Uber Spoony G said...

Oh my goodness ! your pictures are so dilicious and tasty looking! I'm ready to find those places!! short and sweet I love your blogs.