Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4:00pm lemon pound cake

02-03 lemon poundcake
We tend to shy away from lemon poundcake as it's often unreliable but McNally Jackson continues to bring happiness to our hearts. This one even looked potential dry but was surprisingly moist and had the taste of fresh tart lemons. If you haven't been by, please go! We have just newly renovated the cafe with flying books, the menu is revamped with delicious local treats, they're serving Stumptown coffee and an array of teas. And oh yes, it's the best independent bookstore around. That should be reason enough.
McNally Jackson Teahouse, 52 Prince St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Lafayette and Mulberry)


donuts4dinner said...

It's so funny that you started following me on Foodspotting, because I tooooootally stalked you two all over this blog yesterday.

Front Studio said...

!!!, we loved your photos, and the name!!! we loooove donuts over here, like you wouldn't believe.