Monday, March 1, 2010

Office Potluck

03-01 matt's biscuits
Don't freak out but it's March already and the second monthly office potluck is upon us. We joked about judging the dishes but I would have been hard pressed to pick one clear favorite. Danny brought in a ratatouille type dish served over homemade polenta. Shawn baked us a loaf of banana bread. Saha made two types of cauliflower based dishes although I only tried the gratin. Karen cooked up a soup that she recommended we eat with pieces of Ryvita crispbreads. Patrick pleased everyone with 2 cold dishes, a pasta flavored with peanut butter and some green string beans that were simply divine. And finally Matt capped the meal off with freshly baked biscuits that he had just pulled out of the oven and dashed over to the office with.


Anonymous said...

your office is way too good at cooking.

Front Studio said...

Aimee - seriously! Do you see the kind of pressure we're operating under here?