Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Torrisi Italian Specialties, with Sarah

03-16 Torrisi Italian Specialties
The scent of spring is everywhere today, it really puts us in the mood for sandwiches in the park. We went back to Torrisi, with Sarah this time, and thoroughly enjoyed yet another of their sandwich creations. So much that we forgot to pay, got halfway back to the office and then happily turned around, conveniently extending the time we spent outside for lunch.
Torrisi Italian Specialties, 250 Mulberry St, NY, NY 10012


Matthew Daniels said...

Any thoughts on this place over Parisi?

I'll warn against eating in spring st park (assuming that's the park to which you referred).

Apparently you can be arrested if you're there without a kid.

Front Studio said...

Torrisi vs Parisi - oh, we're not so sure we want to go there. Though they are essentially serving the same thing, their intent is different. They both have a place in our hearts. Torrisi uses Parisi bread though!