Friday, April 30, 2010

4:00pm egg custard tart

04-30 egg custard tart
I love eggs. I REALLY love eggs. Eggs in any form - boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, pickled, deep fried - whatever. And this love extends to sweets, anything with that egg-y baked/cooked flavor entices me like no other ingredient. Some people are crazy about chocolate, I'm crazy about eggs. So what's not to like about an egg custartd tart (silky egg custard inside a flaky pie shell)? Absolutely nothing. Tempted to try making it myself too.
Fay Da, 191 Centre St, NY, NY 10013 (at Hester St)


Cali said...

OH, how I LOVE these!!! When the crust is tender with just a hint of sweetness and the custard is rich and doesn't taste like it was made with water (I think because milk/cream is something Asian restaurants just don't use/have) they are divine! Right at this moment, this is making me seriously consider driving 75 miles (one way!) to the nearest Chinese bakery for several dozen of these and several dozen baked pork buns.

You are evil ladies! Divinely evil!

Mary said...

I love your tastes. To me chocolate is just another flavor (and not high on my list). Chocolate lovers are aghast when I say that. Egg custards are wonderful. Tart rhubarb pie or a strawberry shortcake (made with a flaky biscuit, not cake) are tops on my list of faves.

Front Studio said...

Yes! It's rather funny how a chocolate lover balks when they find out that you do not share the same admiration. It's as if you said puppies suck.