Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hoomoos Asli

06-10 Hoomoos Asli
The quality control of this place just hasn't been very dependable. But I was craving a falafel sandwich today, and there's still no other place better in the nabe that we know of. Today's falafel was about "just O.K.", a little too spicy (I asked for it spicy, but have never gotten it this spicy), and not as fresh as it could have been. But it satisfied my hunger, and today that was all that I needed.
Hoomoos Asli, 100 Kenmare St, NY, NY 10012 (at Centre St)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. I love Hoomoos Asli's hummus. Was that alright though? I haven't been back for awhile...