Friday, September 24, 2010

Despana and Paris Sandwich

A bit of running around today, M. went to Paris Sandwich for banh mi but I forgot to leave her a camera and I was in the UES but got back too late for a real lunch. Instead I picked up a half sized chestnut flauta from Despana which M. photographed before I quickly devoured the sweet salty combination.
Despana, 408 Broome St., NY, NY 10013 (btwn Lafayette and Cleveland Pl)


Cali said...

Wow. That looks NOTHING like a California flauta. If you order a flauta in CA you will get a large, meat-filled flour tortilla that is rolled like a burrito and deep fried. It will be served with sour cream and guacamole on the side, or on top, depends on the cook.

Front Studio said...

It could also be a difference of what the Mexicans call 'flauta' vs the Spaniards, just as tortillas mean something completely different(I'm just assuming what you describe as Mexican...and it sounds delicious)!