Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oxley's Carvery

04-26 Oxleys Carvery
We've been meaning to try this new Brit-ish butchery for one of their meaty sandwiches. Local friends have been giving it a general thumbs up, and the storefront is definitely inviting, but the lack of seating would require a lunch in the park or back in the office. So the crazy warm weather today gave us the perfect excuse. We tried the Corned Beef (pictured) and the Pork Loin sandwiches. Though the pork loin was a bit dry and bland, both sandwiched were acceptably tasty, with their moist and flavorful condiments. One big improvement would be for them to downsize the roll, not in size but in heft. Apparently others agree.
Oxley's Carvery, 202a Mott Street, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Spring and Kenmare)

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Unknown said...

I went there today too. Get the turkey. I tried that and the pork.