Thursday, May 19, 2011

10:00pm vanilla cupcake

05-18 cupcake
When we picked up this cupcake from Dozen, per Nina's recommendation, we thought we would be back in NYC to have it for afternoon snack. Instead we carried it in a brown paper bag through the lengthy security line at the airport, onto the plane, off the plane when it got delayed, still in hand when the plane left without us, to countless other gates searching for another flight out of the Burgh, back into the city when we realized we wouldn't be leaving until the next morning and finally to 61C where it gazed back at us, with a woeful bruised expression. Poor thing, it was definitely a little worse for the wear, but we enjoyed it anyway. The first bite was a sweet bomb explosion, the frosting light and airy like we like it and even though the cake was a tad dry, I will attribute that to the cupcake's travels and not its maker. Next time we'll have to consume it on the spot for an optimal eating experience.
Dozen Bakeshop, 3511 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (near 35th St in Lawrenceville)

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