Thursday, May 19, 2011


05-18 Tessaro's
The upside (yes really!) to missed flights is we unexpectedly found ourselves with additional time on our hands. And instead of moping about an airport hotel, we headed back into the city for something we've been wanting to try for forever now: the hamburger at Tessaro's. Our friend George features it in Hamburger America and Serious Eat's Nick says its one of the finest he's ever eaten. At first the bun seemed too dense but then ah, as the juices soaked in, we realized the perfection of thought behind the bun. Not to mention the grilled burger itself. Everyone was a regular last night, calling out hellos to Deb, the bartender. We listened to the chatter, eating in blissful silence, enjoying the moment and forgetting the events leading up to it.
Tessaro's, 4601 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (at Taylor St in Bloomfield)

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