Tuesday, June 14, 2011


06-14 Cocoron
I know, it's only been 3 weeks but there's nothing else to be done for a soba craving. Yippee now that Cocoron is a short walk away. Soba Koh remains high on the list, but that's a healthy commitment to a longer lunch and not meant to be today. We're suckers for potato salad, which we espied down the counter from us, but decided to be cheap and stick to entrees instead. We tried new ones, M. the oroshi and me the pork kimchee but so far we're liking the natto and stamina ones a little better.
Cocoron, 61 Delancey St., NY, NY 10002 (btwn Eldridge and Allen)

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Max Furniture said...

I love it!!Little Totto Ramen of Soba! I love this place though it's yet another tiny little restaurant. Soba noodles are friggen awesome during the hot summer heat wave. I believe they are healthy as well? A little added bonus...