Friday, July 15, 2011

4:03pm walnut cake

07-15 walnut cake
When someone, anyone, says that a croissant trumps our two all time favorites, Ceci-Cela and Claude's, there is nothing to do but rush over to try. It was already afternoon by the time we got around to eating the Mille-Feuille croissant, and despite the late hour, it was extremely promising. A bit denser than Ceci-Cela, less buttery, with a taste reminiscent of Claude's, this is one we will have to go back for fresh. In the meantime the walnut cake M. also picked up was enjoyable although nothing as spectacular as that croissant promises to be.
Mille-Feuille, 552 LaGuardia Pl, NY, NY 10012 (btwn 3rd and Bleecker)


mangolassie said...

The chocolate-praline macaron is very delicious.

crowd SPRING said...

This walnut cake seems to be very delicious! i want to have this!I love eating cakes,doesn't matters of any flavour!

Amy said...

The croissants there are SO delicious, and just the right size too (small by US standards, but quite average in France).