Friday, July 1, 2011

6:28pm pfannkuchen

06-30 berliner
This is cheating a bit since this photo and donut are actually from yesterday but you might forgive me when you realize I woke up an hour early Thursday morning, before our 10am flight back to NYC, so that I could take the U-bahn 2 stops to Schonhauser Alle. All that in order to hand carry fresh pfannkuchen (or berliners or donuts as you might know them) back home to M.
It's summer and a holiday weekend and I can't wait for a gloriously lazy three days. Happy eating!
Konditorei Krautzig, Schonhauser Alle 126, 10437 Berlin

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Yummy post!!Also called Berliner in Northern Germany, these are tasty jelly-filled doughnuts or rounds, that are not only a staple of Faschings (Carneval), but also Silvester (New Years Eve). While many Germans will pop into their local bakery for a fresh batch the morning of the festive day, these can also be made by hand within a few hours.