Friday, July 1, 2011

La Esquina Taqueria

07-01 La Esquina
It started with a small lapse in communication yesterday. As the afternoon drew on I was experiencing some serious hunger meltdown waiting for M to come back from a meeting, which apparently she wasn't about to do anytime soon. I ran out to get something solo, only the hunger pangs combined with jet lag were seriously affecting my judgement and I ended up making some halfhearted attempts before settling on a pollo rostizado torta at La Esquina's take out counter. Another poor choice! Or at least not one geared to quickly settling hunger rage. I waited and waited, sure that my sandwich was taking 10 times longer than everything else, but when I looked at the time of course only 2 minutes had passed. The fabulous thing about hunger rage is that it is so easily and simply cured and by the time M got back to the office I was feeling better already.
La Esquina Taqueria, 114 Kenmare St, NY, NY (btwn Cleveland Pl and Lafayette St)

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WFG Reviews said...

i love love love their tacos and warm chicken salad and the breakfast burrito... so so good

i never go there just delivery and it's always on time and delicious