Friday, October 28, 2011


10-28 Alidoro
Alidoro isn't a cheap lunch option. Nor is it weather friendly due to their lack of seats. And considering how we like eating lunch outside of the office, summertime is about the only time we go there even though their sandwiches are fantastic.  And somehow we ended up not going there this summer; shame on us. To make up for it we ordered two sandwiches today (instead of sharing one, which is never quite enough), both on the special section. The porchetta (pictured) and the sopressata. We were not disappointed, however the bread today was not on their usual semolina.  And both sandwiches lacked their abundant arugula (the porchetta had some) and splashes of balsamic. Somehow we did not get the experience of eating an Alidoro sandwich. I guess that means we need to go back again soon.
Alidoro, 105 Sullivan St, NY, NY 10012 (above Spring)

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