Wednesday, January 4, 2012


01-04 Pulino's 2
There is something nicely distinctive about the taste of the pizza crust at Pulino's, even if ours was a bit too burnt today. But when it comes down to local pizza options, I have to say we still prefer the slightly yielding chewiness of Forcella's crust. We were looking for somewhere warm and toasty to eat and figured a pizza oven should do the trick. We split a salad and pizza although I was tempted by the $15 half pizza and half salad lunch special. Mostly because I kept wondering what a half pizza looked like.
Pulino's, 282 Bowery, NY, NY 10012 (at Houston)


Alice said...

Haha, the "half" pizza from the lunch special is still a round pie, just smaller. :P

Front Studio said...

ha, i figured it must be like that. why don't they call it individual then? btw, i love your photos, simply beautiful.

Alice said...

oh thank you so much! i have followed your blog for many years but have never commented. total lurker.