Friday, March 23, 2012

1:50pm sticky toffee cake

03-23 sticky toffee cake
We leave you this fair weathered day with some musings for your lonely weekend ahead without us to keep you company.

Ever wonder where all the art comes from in the New York City subways? Well now there's an app for that.

Future cities has been on our minds lately and along with nature's revolt, water shows up frequently. The Columbia Water Center put out a charming video about an alarming topic.

The CAC, designed by fierce lady architect Zaha Hadid, is only a small reason to travel to Cincinnati. A better and more compelling reason are grilled cheese donuts!

And not to keep referring to the Gothamist, but I really loved this interview with Jake Dobkin and his process of collating news for dissemination.

Korea is high up on my list of want-to-travel-to places, and if kimchi wasn't enough of a reason, watching the Seoul Balancing Expert, (via Kottke), makes me yearn even more.

Happy weekend welcoming back Don Draper.

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