Friday, March 23, 2012


03-23 raymonds 4
03-23 Raymond's
If we lived in or near Montclair, NJ, I'm pretty sure we would become regulars at Raymond's. The mood is lively and non-pretentious, the food straight up good. We were invited for a meal and a critique, although there was very little critique involved. Sure the spacing between lines on the menu was inconsistent and yes maybe the burger bun was a tiny drier than we like it, but in the grand scheme of things, they're doing pretty well for themselves. We couldn't stop eating the homemade fries and if the table wasn't already laden with dishes, I would have finished off the bacon too. The pomegranate lemonade is to die for and the coffee no slouch either. It's a bit French bistro, a little American diner and overall just wonderful.
Raymond's,  28 Church St, Montclair, NJ (btwn Park and Fullerton)

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Anonymous said...

I'm almost out the door and on my way to Raymond's right now. Scrolling down, I thought, "Mmmm. I'm having the hummus...and the BLT." But then, upon reading the review, I'm reminded of the fries that I promise myself, every single time I'm there, that I'm going to avoid, opting for a salad instead, but end up ordering almost every time.
Everything there is great (try the Migas for breakfast!), the room is cozy, and the staff is consistently awesome. If I were there any more often than I already am, they might get suspicious that I was stalking them.