Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4:01pm mini cakes

03-27 hong kong minicakes
We'd heard from a few sources that our go-to street cart for these Hong Kong minicakes on Canal Street was not up to par compared to this one on Grand just east of Bowery. Excited as excited could be, we rushed across the street after lunch to purchase a few bags. Unfortunately, the cakes had been sitting around too long, they were cold and stale, and even perhaps a little overcooked with a slight burnt flavor. So much so that it would be unfair to compare the two under such conditions. However, what I could tell was that these cakes were more substantial, less fluffy, and more cake-like. Whether these qualities renders them superior; well, we'll have to try again.
Mini Cakes Street Cart, Grand Street, just east of Bowery NewYork, NY (on the south side)

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