Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harvest Lunch from Brick Lane Curry House

03-28 harvest lunch
The Harvest team has a lovely routine of eating lunch together on Wednesdays. They usually also order in from Brick Lane Curry House, which the smell is so intoxicating that we have to make a point to leave before their food arrives or else we'll die of hunger. Today, for no special occasion, I invited myself to join the crew. It's fun to have a boisterous lunch, especially over good food. I do think Brick Lane is one of the better Indian Restaurants in the city. And like its name suggests, it does remind me more of the good stuff you get in Britain. Thanks Harvest for your generosity and my happy tummy.
Brick Lane Curry House, 306-308 East 6th Street, NY, NY 10003 (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)

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