Thursday, March 22, 2012

4:03pm orange glaze cinnamon bun

03-23 orange glaze cinnamon bun
To be completely honest, we'd been avoiding trying out Smile To Go, because despite some good reviews from our trusted source, we felt we weren't cool enough; not young and hip enough. But we were  pleased that while the vibe is still as such, it's much more friendlier and with little seating space, you're not confronted with you un-hip factor. And it smelled deliciously of rotisserie chicken. As for the cinnamon bun, it was tasty but waaay too sweet - I couldn't handle it. The sweet guy at the counter who recommended it did say he had a real sweet tooth (which did admittedly of off alarm bells). We look forward to going back for lunch.
Smile To Go, 22 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013  (btwn Lafayette and Crosby)

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