Thursday, May 10, 2012

La Churreria, with John

05-10 Churreria
Work has been rather intense lately, with no signs of slowing so we don't really have time for lunch these days, but that's not stopped us before. John too was swamped but equally undaunted about popping down to La Churreria to meet us for a yummy lunch of hot pressed bikini's. They have added some 1/2 sandwich lunch specials to the menu, which I always think is such a nice option to have.
Churreria, 284 Mulberry St, NY, NY 10012 (below Houston)

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J.Lin said...

When I am stressed,
My stomach will suggest,
A simple lunch with delicious-ness.

La Dali Bikini – roast beef & romesc
El Trio - jamón, membrillo & ques
Eating with Front Studio is the best.