Monday, November 12, 2012

Hummus Place, with Saha

11-12 Humus Place
Ha. I don't even feel bad for postponing last week's lunch with Saha on the day of the freak snowstorm to today, virtual summer outside. What perfect weather for meeting an old friend in the West Village. I expected one of those small little humus and falafel joints but Hummus Place is spacious and brightly lit with sunshine. We each had a humus plate lunch special that included an appetizer, a pretty nice deal when you take into account the basket of warm pita bread accompanying the meal.
Hummus Place, 71 7th Ave S., NY, NY 10014 (at Barrow St)

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kim said...

I used to frequent the HP in EV a lot. It was the HP who first turned me into a hummus addict. Still good stuff? :) Do you prefer the regular or WW pita?