Friday, December 20, 2013

Noodle Village

13 Mott St, NY, NY 10013

Rating: 2 - Super Happy
Visit #: 8
In Brief: One of the places we really really miss now that we're no longer close to Chinatown. Don't miss the duet noodle soups with the house made fish cakes.
12-20 Noodle Village
A glorious oldie but goodie lunch in our old hood at Noodle Village. Initially I wanted soup dumplings, because who doesn't want soup dumplings, but then we decided to save that for when we could persuade a sister to join us for the trifecta lunch. We were not the only ones craving hot noodle soup, Noodle Village was packed. Each time we forget whether to order the wonton or the dumplings, the fish balls or the fish cakes. So we always get one of each. M. orders the fish balls and ends up with both balls and cakes while I order the cakes and end up with cakes.

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