Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4:00pm olive oil pound cake

06-17 olive oil cake
During our first lunch with Kathy she raved about Abraco so much that we tucked it away in the back of our minds to visit one day. And then we heard from another trusted source that the coffee at Abraco was just incredible. They are not wrong, the coffee is perfectly balanced and amazingly fresh. No wonder, each cup is made to order with hot water dripped by hand over just ground beans. Even from paper take-out cups, the coffee was an ideal accompaniment to the olive oil bread.
Abraco, 86 East 7th Street, west of 1st Ave


Kathy YL Chan said...

hoooraayy!! ^_^ i hope the owner, jamie was working there when you went today! ...the cured olive oil cookie and sweet ricotta pain perdu are few other favourites of mine :)

Hil said...

Olive oil baked goods?! I have to learn how to make some for my husband. Or find a nearby bakery that's adventurous (not likely). Or road trip!

kathryn said...

Stop telling people, Kathy! It's crowded enough as it is!

Front Studio said...

Hehe, I don't think Kathy can help it! Although I don't know how it can get more crowded than a small handful of people squeezed in there. :)