Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soho Yaki

07-01 Soho Yaki
We should have known better than to have lunch in a brand new place called Soho Yaki with not a single Japanese soul in sight, but we have this sick addiction to trying new places even if everything about it screams BAD IDEA. The menu is predominantly sushi oriented so we opted for the safer lunch dishes instead. But alas, the chicken teriyaki was a piece of fried, skinless chicken breast with what tasted like store-bought teriyaki sauce dribbled on top. We will not be trying Soho Yaki again.
Soho Yaki, 227 Mott Street btwn Spring and Prince


googly said...

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Anonymous said...

soho yaki = soooooo yucky

love your blog :D


Front Studio said...

you are so right about sooooo yucky. :) glad you enjoy our blog!