Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hon Cafe, with Iridesco

12-11 Hon Cafe
After Robyn described this rather interesting Chinatown-style garlic burger at nearby Hon Cafe, we had to try. And to make it more interesting, we invited along our always game for anything lunch-mates, the Iridesco boys. It took a really long time to digest the menu as categories ranged from "Sizzling Special" to "Eastern Style Over Rice" to "Baked Rice/ Spaghetti". Finally we settled on some garlic burgers, a baked ketchup pork chop over spaghetti and some minced beef w/ egg and rice. With the entrees came a choice of soup, either the Hon Borsch or the Cream of Chicken & Corn. All in all, a very interesting sort of meal. There's a lot more to try so I expect we'll be back.
Hon Cafe, 70 Mott Street below Canal


Robyn said...

I'm glad to hear I inspired your fooding excursion! :) Hope you liked the burgers!

Front Studio said...

Robyn! Your food adventures are always a source of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Robyn, you're awesome. Also, everything tastes better with a sunny side egg on top!