Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4:00pm chocolate covered oatmeal cookie

03-04 chocolate covered 003
Day 3 for the homemade oatmeal cookies. Getting bored guys? Thought I'd throw in some chocolate. Leftover in our fridge is some delicious dark chocolate we found at our local bookstore. Madecasse, makes their chocolates from bean to bar in Madagascar, which allows the people there to profit more from their own resources. The chocolate was melted in the microwave then spread atop the cookie. The result (yum) reminds me of chocolate covered Hobnobs.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you are on to something melting fair trade dark chocolate on biscuits!

I thoroughly approve of your advice to breathe. We are always rushing, it's insane! But breathing - even one good deep conscious breath - will give you a nano-second of peace and a new perspective.

Anyway - do come and look at my office lunch:

Anonymous said...

that looks incredible. very envious right now and making me want a Hobnob since i no longer have the oatmeal cookies..