Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiroko's Place

10-26 Hiroko's Place
Hiroko's Place always has a large number of Japanese filling its tables but today was rather extreme as I was the only non-Japanese speaker in the whole joint. I think I'm turning Japanese! Hiroko's Place probably doesn't fit the foreigner's perception of all things "Japanese" and to top it off there is the added twist of the you-shoku style cuisine. So you have a genuine Japanese restaurant serving real you-shoku entrees that are actually Japanese reinterpretations of Western food. It doesn't matter to us, we go for the hamburg rice, an always satisfying plate of hamburger patty in sauce, potato salad, fried egg, green salad and side of rice.
Hiroko's Place, 75 Thompson St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Broome & Spring)

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Foodista said...

Jacques Torres is one of my favourite place to eat chocolate items. I'm a french reader and unfortunately, in France, the chocolate bar concept is not expanded. It's just begins to open, like the one from Jacques Genin chocolatery in Paris (i will soon post on it)
I went to Torres during my latest trip in NY :